Uniform Shop

Hours of operation the School Site:
 Monday 1.30pm – 4.00pm
Friday 8:30am – 11.00am
Uniform can also be ordered online at https://fcw.com.au/#shops or print out an order form here.

Second Hand Uniform Sales

The FOS second hand uniform shop has a new home. We will now sell the uniforms from the foyer area of the Library & ICT room (near the staffroom).  If you require some uniforms make sure you check out the second hand sale first. And don’t forget we are always happy to have donations of any old uniforms your kids have grown out of. We can only accept Logo uniforms, unfortunately we cannot have generic items. But we do also sell library bags, school & chair bags, so if you have any your kids no longer need, please think of FOS. Donations can be handed to the office. ALL ITEMS SELL FOR $5

Uniform Policy

School Council has approved a uniform policy for Osborne students. Some relevant points include:

* all students are expected to wear school uniform at all times

* NO make-up to be worn at school

* NO dangling earrings

* loose jewellery is not permitted

* students to have conventional haircuts and hair colour

Our school uniform creates a sense of belonging to the school, establishes the identity of the school in the wider community, creates a positive image for the child and the school and provides practical clothing for school activities. once again, it is for the child’s safety that we implement this policy.