Specialist Programs

Osborne Primary offers many Specialist programs including Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Languages – Indonesian and Science. Trained specialist teachers, in well-equipped learning spaces teach these subjects. We also have a dedicated Library where students have weekly Library lessons run by their classroom teachers.  Osborne encourages all students to regularly borrow books from the school library for reading pleasure at home.

Physical Education

We are proud of the Physical Education programs and the sporting facilities we offer our students at Osborne.

A full size indoor basketball stadium, outdoor netball, bat tennis and basketball courts. A well-maintained oval includes a soccer pitch with goals, AFL with goalposts a running track and play areas. The stadium/gymnasium has a mezzanine area with exercise bikes and a circuit of perceptual motor equipment set up for the use of Foundation classes and students with disabilities. The gymnasium also has an indoor climbing wall and storage for all the necessary equipment to assist our staff to deliver an effective Physical Education and Sporting Program.

All students attend a weekly 50 minute PE session where they are exposed to a variety of sporting and recreational activities through a structured timetable delivered by Physical Education teachers.

In addition to the weekly PE sessions Years 3 to 6 have weekly Sports sessions where they learn and practise a variety of Summer and Winter sports.  Foundation, year 1 and year 2 have Friday House events.  Students have opportunities to participate in many other sporting activities and teams within the House competitions, interschool, district and regional events.  Water safety education also occurs through sessions at the life-saving club and swimming lessons.

School House Competitions

On enrolment at Osborne Primary School, students are placed in one of the following houses, named after our closest local beaches:

  • Birdrock – yellow
  • Craigie – green
  • Dava – blue
  • Hawker – red

Each year a number of House competitions occur such as athletics, cross country, sprint races, swimming, walkathon and more.

Inter-school Sports Competitions

Throughout the year students in Years 5 and 6 compete against local schools in a variety of sports with some representing Osborne against other schools. Some of the sports available to play are football, soccer, volleyball, t – ball and netball.  

Students participating in cross country, athletics and swimming events who perform well and are 10 years and over are selected from the school-based event to represent the school at the Zone and possibly regional competition.

See Extra Curricular for details on other activities.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is taught across all levels from Foundation to Year 6, with a weekly 50 minute lesson in our well-equipped Performing Arts Centre. In addition, many extra-curricular activities are available for students, some applicable to specific year levels.

Osborne Primary School gives students opportunities to participate in a variety of Performing Arts activities such as bands, singing and instrumental groups. These groups perform regularly at school assemblies, concerts and expos. The school also has rock bands and ensembles for students who participate in the instrumental program. Private instrumental lessons are available in guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, singing and piano, providing one-on-one tuition to students on a fee-paying basis. (See Extra Curricular for more details).

Every second year the students in Years 5 and 6 perform in a Senior School Production. In the alternate year, our Foundation and Year 1 students perform a Junior Concert. Our school gymnasium has a stage for performances.

We have two Performing Arts specialist teachers who give the students opportunities to experience and develop their skills through participation in a variety of activities in Drama, Dance, Music and Media.

Whole School Incursions

Each year students participate in a different professional Performing Arts incursion performance to allow them to experience a variety of genres and develop audience member skills. These have included Indigenous Dance groups, African drummers and other cultural music groups demonstrating their singing, dancing and instruments.


Our Specialist Indonesian teacher plans for and teaches students from Foundation to Year 2. Students attend weekly 50 minute sessions in our Indonesian classroom where they are immersed in an interesting and comprehensive junior Indonesian Language program.  Here they have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Indonesian through participation in songs, games, listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural activities. 

Students in years 3-6 currently take part in weekly 50 minute sessions for the duration of one term throughout the year. These sessions predominantly focus on various cultural aspects of Indonesia, however they also have the opportunity to develop and extend their understanding of the language throughout some of these lessons.


Across all levels, Science (STEM) is taught by doing, with the students having a go at hands on experimentation whenever possible to encourage their curiosity, hone their inquiry skills, make discoveries for themselves and deepen their understanding of the scientific concepts they are studying. Above all, our aim is to teach Science in a safe environment where the students can have fun experimenting and learning.

Students in Years 3 to 6 have weekly Science classes in the dedicated Science room, by our Science Specialist.  Students in the younger years study Science with their grade teacher as inquiry units during their classroom program.

Science teaching and learning follows the Victorian Curriculum which has 5 areas of Science Understanding: Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth & Spaces Sciences plus the understanding of Science as a Human Endeavour.

Visual Arts

Students at Osborne Primary engage in a very comprehensive Visual Arts Program. Students in Foundation, Years 1 to 4 attend weekly 50 min sessions while students in Years 5 and 6 have 100 minute sessions each fortnight.

Osborne boasts a fantastic Visual Arts Centre, well equipped and maintained incorporating indoor and sheltered outdoor working areas. Teachers work together to plan and provide an extensive ‘child-centered’ program where children have the opportunity to explore creative ideas, develop skills, and experiment with a variety of materials in a nurturing and non-threatening environment. Children engage in a wide range of activities including, painting, print- making, drawing, design, collage, ceramics, digital art, construction, woodwork, textiles and art appreciation.

The Visual Arts teachers are committed to the belief that every child should have the opportunity to gain confidence and success in the Visual Arts.


Osborne Primary has a spacious Library, which is central within the school. Its comprehensive collection of resources is available for use by all members of the school community.  There is a specific borrowing section for parents that has books about student learning.

All classes are scheduled a 50 minute session per week to borrow. Class teachers take the lesson and children are taught valuable information skills that are reinforced through all year levels. They enjoy some great story-telling sessions and the openness of the Library allows them the opportunity to spread out for individual or shared reading.