Osborne Primary School is committed to providing our students with exceptional learning, via a range of programs to develop social and academic success.

We value the close relationships between our students, staff, parents and the local community to assist our students’ to achieve their best. Student’s experience personalised learning that allows for exploration and development across the curriculum.

When you walk into each classroom, you will see students engaged in challenging tasks to further develop their understanding of the world around them.

Search through this website to discover the extra curricula activities, programs and resources we provide our students.

Osborne Primary School Pledge

I promise to obey the school rules
I will learn to the best of my ability
I will show respect for my school and all who share it
I will act responsibly and value my learning
I am thankful for the grounds we play in
and acknowledge the traditional custodians: the Bunurong people.
I am proud of our nation, Australia and all it represents
I thank my parents and teachers for educating me.