Osborne Primary School places great importance on sustainable processes within our school and the local community. We have a number of programs to ensure the longevity of our environment, buildings and eco systems. We respect the land of the Bunurong people of generations past and endeavour to keep our grounds conducive to high quality teaching and learning.

Osborne Primary School is a Resource Smart School and undertakes initiatives to improve our environmental performance in the areas of planning, energy, biodiversity, waste and water. To support this initiative the school undertakes the following environmental initiatives:

  • Paper Recycling
    Each class collects paper waste for recycling.
  • Composting
    Classes collect fruit and vegetable waste for composting and to feed the worms in our worm farms.
  • Plastic Recycling
    As a part of the RED project (Recycling + Education=the Difference) we are collecting soft plastic (such as plastic bags, glad wrap, freezer bags and bread bags) for recycling.
  • Water Lili
    Water Conservation and Schools Water Efficiency Program
  • Walk to School
    The aim of Walk to School is to encourage students to build habits of walking to school regularly, forging healthy life-style routines. So keep the car at home and take advantage of our beautiful environment by walking to school everyday!