Support Programs


We often numerous programs to assist students achieve their best. Below are some of the programs we offer. 

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a one-to-one early intervention program that provides an opportunity for students who, after one year of schooling, have not yet established effective reading and writing processes. Students in the Reading Recovery program receive a daily 30 minute lesson from a qualified Reading Recovery teacher in addition to their regular classroom reading and writing program. A child may participate in the program for up to twenty weeks.

The power of Reading Recovery as an intervention program is increased with the support of parents. The classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher and parents all work together in a partnership to support the child.

Osborne Primary School recognises the importance of early intervention in learning and continues to offer Reading Recovery as an integral part of the curriculum for children in Year One. Mrs. Debbie Jenkins is responsible for the implementation of the Reading Recovery program at Osborne Primary School

Literacy/Numeracy Support

At Osborne we offer extra support to students in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. In consultation with class teachers students who are identified as requiring extra tuition in either area are catered for accordingly in small group sessions. Extra tuition is timetabled into our weekly timetable and is varied and diverse, catering for individual differences. It may be: oral reading, comprehension tasks, learning spelling rules or high frequency words, handwriting or maths tasks including times tables, the four processes or problem solving. Ongoing monitoring of students performance is recorded. Groups are fluid and flexible catering for individual differences and allowing for progression and acceleration.

Speech Therapy Assistant Program

The Speech Therapy Assistant STA program is a service that the school provides in conjunction with a Speech Pathologist for students who require speech therapy. The STA Program aims to provide speech pathology intervention within the school setting in an efficient and effective manner by providing students with 2-3 x 30 minute therapy sessions per week. The individualised therapy plan for each student is implemented by the school’s trained Speech Therapy Assistant/s under the supervision and direction of the Speech Pathologist.

In recent times approximately 8-10 children throughout the school have access to the STA program per term. Eligibility to participate in the program is at the discretion of the Speech Pathologist.

Some of the areas that can be targeted using this program include: speech sound delays, expressive language delays, receptive language delays and low phonological awareness.

Integration Support

Integration Aides work in various areas of the school to support individual students who are funded by DEECD under the Student Disabilities program.

Student Wellbeing

We do not underestimate the importance of student wellbeing at Osborne Primary School. Our Assistant Principal, Helen Peters and our Primary Welfare Officer, Paula Philip work together to coordinate various programs to support students and parents deal with serious issues that affect students’ wellbeing and ability to learn effectively. The outcome we aim for is to help students remain engaged and achieve their potential.

This role includes basic sessions on a one to one basis, mediating restorative practices sessions with groups when necessary, supporting staff with challenging students, whole class social skills lessons and liaising with parents, support staff and professional associations. The SAKG connection has been forged through “garden therapy” sessions in the past and is often very useful to provide an alternative to a regular classroom approach. Members of staff are able to refer students and small groups of students for occasional, or ongoing, reinforcement of social skills.